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    An Adirondack Discovery Destination.

    Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides, Special Holiday Celebrations of the "Speakeasy" Era, Great Camp Dining and History of Beer Workshops light the fire in your Artisan Lodging.

    Unplug & Rejuvenate

    One of the last of its kind. 3 generation family crafted chalets and suites are spaciously set apart. Our centerpiece is our Main Lodge where history comes to life, from Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides and a quiet paddle in untouched "Forever Wild" waters to History of Beer Workshops. A National Geographic Award for "Keeping a Sense of Place."

    Available Dec. 16th - Jan. 1st!

    Join us for the Holidays with our special Speakeasy-themed dinners and activities. Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides, History of Beer Tastings and more!

    Re-connect & Savor

    Adirondack culinary history with a 100 mile product philosophy infusing Native American, Pioneer, Cure Cottage and the Grand Hotel era to today's farm-to-fork. Savor all of this in the forgotten tradition of Adirondack Great Camp dining. Your table, our 25 acres.

    Rates & Availability

    Join Us in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!