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    Welcome to the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat,
    Your Adirondack Discovery Destination.

    We are one of the last original Adirondack Lodges still open to the public, operated by three generations of family for over 50 years. Experience signature Great Camp Dining, unique Artisan Lodgings where your room is our 25 acres, and so much more.

    Re-connect & Savor

    Adirondack culinary history with a 100 mile product philosophy infusing Native American, Pioneer, Cure Cottage and the Grand Hotel era to today's farm-to-fork. Savor all of this in the forgotten tradition of Adirondack Great Camp dining. Your table, our 25 acres.

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    Adirondack Speakeasy Holidays!

    The Lake Clear Lodge was Open During the 1920's Prohibition Era

    Lake Clear was a strategic location as a major train stop and situated between the illustrious Paul Smith's Hotel and the largest resort built in the Adirondacks, the Saranac Inn. A land and water taxi shuttled through Lake Clear to connect these iconic properties as well as blossoming 2nd homes. This was also the time of the Cure Cottage era and the booming Grand Hotel and Great Camp days. All made for a perfect storm where the famous and infamous found Lake Clear could be that "hideaway."

    We celebrate this illustrious period of Lodge and Adirondack history as part of our new culinary feature: Adirondack History of Food Dinner Events filled with tasting dinners, cooking demos, interpretive exhibits, fun trivia, fireside history chats, period spirits, and recipes.

    And as always our regular Great Lodge dinner menus, a 50+ year tradition of Adirondack farm based foods wth Old World flair continues as part of our Adirondack Alps restaurant.

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