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Call for this evening's dining options, hours and reservations (518) 891-1489. Your table is our 25 acres: Adirondack Great Camp style! We cook fresh - please call as you head out the door.

Our Vision:

Cathy's Blog

Our signature Adirondack Alps Cuisine: Old World traditions featuring Seasonal Adirondack tastes.


Relax in our Fireside Rathskeller or meander to the lake with glass in hand to one of the most spectacular and secluded mountain lake sunsets - where Einstein contemplated.


The Adirondack's only hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar with over 300 specialty beers and over 350 boutique wines.

Real Food

Check out our blog about Real Foods Cooking


A unique Adirondack Alps cuisine highlighting local "100 Mile" seasonal foods with Old World tastes from Lodge Garden Vegetable Strudels, Adirondack farm Grass-fed Beef Stroganoffs to fresh fish Rostis and smoked Old World roasts.

More to the evening....

Continue your journey with the jingling bells of horse-drawn sleigh rides on our lantern-lit nature trails or paddle on still, reflective waters into our setting sun.

Complete the Journey

With savory desserts in our 1886 hand-hewn dining room, Fireside Rathskeller or in the seclusion of your hand-crafted lodging.

A Personalized Experience

Where the evening's menu of 8-12 seasonal entrees are personally explained to you,
Your table is yours for the evening,
And the culinary journey is our 25-acres - Adirondack Great Camp style

Feast with Our Nature

The Adirondacks were not only brazened by typical trappers and hunters in the early days but also by intellects, painters and composers who immersed themselves in Adirondack nature to be rejuvenated and inspired.

Chef Cathy Hohmeyer blends her 21st century holistic and naturally spiced flavors with the resurging food preparations that truly make foods healthy. (see

From the aromas of her hand-stocked soups and slow roasts you can sense what it must have been like for the writers and philosophers as they contemplatively dined. All of these essences together with "our nature" have created our holistic Adirondack spirit and what you will sense and savor in our Adirondack Alps culinary fusion. With our Great Woods as a key ingredient, you can savor our culinary art right in "our nature:"

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