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    A USA TODAY Featured Beer & Wine Cellar

    Adirondack Beer Cellar

    Interpretive Beer Cellar

    Guide's Cabin with Lake View

    Beer Discovery, Stay & Dine

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    Wine Cellar

    Ein Stein Beer Club

    Beer Tasting Workshop

    Nightly 5:30 Beer Workshops*

    We've Brewed Up a New Idea: the Adirondacks Only Hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar

    Our Wine & Beer Cellar was made from pine trees on our property that were hit by lighting and then milled and hand-built by the family. It has the largest selection of craft import styles in the Adirondacks!

    5:30PM, Each Night the Restaurant Is Open: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

    Join Ernest Hohmeyer for a 30-minute experience about the history of beer, replete with a tasting of 6 beers through the centuries and around the world. The topic changes monthly, corresponding with seasonal beers and trends, but you can always count on interesting conversation and tasty beverages!

    Sign up required: 518-891-1489. $20 when you add on a Great Camp Dinner or History of Adirondack Food Dinner, $25 without dinner (includes appetizer.)

    History of Beer Workshop & Tasting Monthly Themes
    January: History of Beer
    February: Aged Beer, Ice Bocks
    March: Ancient World of Marzen
    May: History of MaiBocks
    June: History of Beer
    July: History of Lager
    August: What "Ales” You
    September & October: History of Octoberfest
    November: Aged Beer, Slow Cooking & Old World Wine & Sauces
    December: Aged Holiday Beers

    Tour the Cellar & pick out your own!

    Or ask one of our knowledge staff to assist you!

    Take our Beers & Wines Home with You

    As part of our Old World Kitchen: pick anything you like from the Cellar and save!

    Our New and Unique Interpretive Beer Cellar!

    As part of our edu-Cations here at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat, we host a History of Beer Workshop & Tasting where the theme changes monthly.

    Tasting Charts and Descriptions

    Overwhelmed?! We are too, so on each style card there are 2 simple charts for light to dark and for smooth to bitter. These are Ernest's tasting opinions so beware! Each style also has its own tent card with brief description.

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