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    Upcoming Events at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    October 20th - October 22nd: Adirondack Alps Festival Weekend

    Adirondack Alps Festival Weekend

    Celebrate the History of the Old World and the Adirondacks!

    Come just for a day or the weekend!

    Experience the new age of Old World foods: tastings, demonstrations and a special History of Beer Workshop - learn how to make Sumerian Beer!

    Weekend Schedule

    Friday, October 20th

    • 3:00PM: Lodging Check In
    • 6:00PM: Mountain Lake Sunset Beach - Appetizer Sampling
    • 7:00PM: Schnitzel Bar - Sample the World of Schnitzel

    Saturday, October 21st

    • 9:00AM: Adirondack Alps Breakfast
    • 10:00AM: The History & Myths of Old World Foods: Setting the Table
    • 3:00PM: Cooking Class - Planning an Old World Holiday Meal
    • 5:30PM: Special History of Beer Workshop: The Ancient Roots of Beer - we’ll make Sumerian beer together!
    • 6:30PM: History of Old World Foods in the Adirondacks - Tasting Dinner

    Sunday, October 22nd

    • 11:00AM: Brunch & Workshop: Old World Holiday Desserts You Can Make at Home

    Event Info

    October 20th - 22nd

    Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    6319 State Route 30, Lake Clear, NY

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    October 27th - October 29th: Convergence of Wellness Retreat with Special Guest

    Convergence of Wellness Retreat

    A unique convergence of wellness! Build your own retreat: Choose from a base package of yoga, energetics or wellness cooking!

    Come for the day or the weekend!

    Plus, a special guest: Join Peter Schenk in person for workshops.

    How It Works

    Choose a base package of Cooking [C], Energetics [E], or Yoga [Y]. Once you book a package, you have the opportunity to add on any other activities you'd like to!

    [A] = Included in All Packages

    Weekend Schedule

    Friday, October 27th

    • 3:00PM; Check in
    • 4:00PM: Intro to Cultured Foods [C] [E]
    • 5:00PM: Yoga & Meditation [Y]
    • 6:30PM: Meet & Greet Pub Dinner [A]
    • 7:30PM: Fireside Roundtable: New Perspectives on the Multidimensional Body [A]

    Saturday, October 28th

    • 7:30AM: Meditation & Yoga [Y]
    • 9:15AM: Breakfast & Workshop: Intro to Nutritional Energetics [A]
    • 10:30AM: Walking Meditation on Nature Trails [Y]
    • 12:30PM: Takeout Lunch
    • 12:30PM: Top 10 Items You'll Need in Your New Nutritionally Energetic Kitchen + Lunch [C]
    • 2:00PM: Energetic Perspectives: "How Things Work" with Peter Schenk [E]
    • 4:30PM: Gentle Body Sensing Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation [Y]
    • 5:45PM: Famous Lodge Schnitzel Bar - Dinner [A]
    • 7:00PM: BONUS: Experience a unique Sound Bath with Andrea Villiere

    Sunday, October 29th

    • 7:30AM: Meditation and Yoga [Y]
    • 9:15AM: Breakfast & Workshop: Porridge Power [A]
    • 10:00AM: Gather for Closing/Sharing [Y]
    • 10:00AM: Peter's Self-Empowerment Tools to Energize Yourself, Your Home and Your Business [E]
    • 11:00AM: Checkout
    • 2:00PM: Cooking Class

    Event Info

    October 27th - 29th

    Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    6319 State Route 30, Lake Clear, NY

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