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    Upcoming Events at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    Bucklist items, family fun, and rainy day events!

    4:00 PM || November 3, 2018
    History of Adirondack Food Tasting Event

    History of Adirondack Food - Save 50% Off Your Lodging!

    • Explore & Taste the History of Adirondack Wellness Foods
    • From the Native American & Pioneers to the Cure Cottage Days
    • 5 Era's - 5 Tasting Stations
    • Cooking Demonstrations, Recipes & Trivia

    Add to the fun!

    • History of Beer Tasting
    • Tomorrow's Superfoods Dessert Workshop

    Pre-Purchase Tickets: $49

    Full Agenda

    4:00 - 5:00: Introductions: What is the Adirondack History of Food Series?

    This month special feature: Explore & Taste the History of Adirondack Wellness Foods
    - The Healing Woods: Brief History of Adirondack Wellness
    - Traditional Foods Cooking demo

    5:00 - 5:30: Explore the History of Adirondack Food Exhibits

    Optional History of Beer Workshop & Tasting ($20PP $15PP)

    5:30 - 7:00: 5 Food Eras - 5 Tasting Stations!

    From Journey Cake to corn bread - From smoked foods to cooking in the hearth and to the menus of the cure cottages to the grand hotels...from extravagant menus to the healing woods.

    6:30 - 7:30:Superfoods Holiday Dessert Workshop & Introduction to Nutritional Energetics: Up the Vibe of the Winter!

    Thinking of the holidays and want to do something different, unique and healthy? Explore the world of Superfood desserts with Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer who is nutritional energetics specialist - up that healthy vibe for your desserts! And, oh by the way - it sure is tasty!

    7:00 - 8:00: Your own time to explore, relax in the Speakeasy Fireplace Rathskeller, explore the hand-crafted Beer Cellar, try a Cure Cottage non-alcholic elixer.....

    Group of 6 or more: 20% off!

    50% off 2 nights

    Event Info

    4:00 PM Saturday, November 3, 2018

    Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    6319 State Route 30, Lake Clear, NY

    Sign Up Required: +1(518)-891-1489