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    Great Camp Dining Experiences at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    Thursday & Saturday, 6:30PM

    In one evening, experience a tasting journey of Adirondack Food from the Native Americans and Pioneers to the Cure Cottages and Grand Hotels. Finish off with today's Farm-to-Fork and tomorrow's Superfoods. The 5 eras come alive as your 5-course tasting is paired with live cooking demonstrations, panel exhibits, trivia, stories of local food history, and plenty more!

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    Wednesday - Sunday

    Experience romantic, on-the-lake dining on our private beach front and immerse yourself in one of the world's most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets. Enjoy a special dinner basket for 2 including an appetizer sampler, nightly bread, nightly salad, main entrée, dessert sampler and glass of bubbly.

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    Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

    Our staple dinner for over 50 years! Our Great Camp Dinners are a forgotten Adirondack culinary experience where your table is our 25 acres. Includes soup, salad, choice of main entrée, family style vegetables and a chef's choice of side.

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    Thursday & Saturday

    On Thursdays and Saturdays when we are featuring our History of Food Dinner Event, we continue to offer our classic Great Camp Dinner in a new style! Begin as always in the Fireside Rathskeller where you can explore our hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar. When you are ready, venture over to our Lake View Great Camp where salad and main entrée will be delivered to you in a Great Camp Picnic Basket! Enjoy your dinner with a spectacular mountain-lake sunset view.

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    Wednesday - Sunday, 5:30PM

    Join Ernest Hohmeyer for a 30-minute experience about the history of beer, replete with a tasting of 6 beers through the centuries and around the world. The topic changes monthly, corresponding with seasonal beers and trends, but you can always count on interesting conversation and tasty beverages! Sign up required; $20 Per Person

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