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    Spring 50/50 Special

    Fun, Friends & Food!
    Have a Historic Great Camp Lodge - potentially all to yourself!

    For a limited time, if there are 8 or more friends and family that want to get together for a special evening with fun and interactive activities, you can do it now!

    Pick your own Adirondack Discovery Experience from our new Heritage Dinners, which includes an opportunity to sample foods from the Native American days to Farm-to-Fork to our classic 3-course Great Camp Dinner.

    Add to the fun with experiences such as cooking demos, History of Beer Workshops and more. On certain evenings, this may be a exclusive experience!

    How does it work? It's simple. You pick the night, the fun, your friends and the menu.

    1. Requested Night (Required)

    2. The Culinary Experience (Required)

    Great Camp Dinner

    Our 3-course classic dinner served for 3 generations and nearly 50 years. it is focused on 100-mile culinary philosophy with Old World natural wellness and savory spice! A seasonal soup and salad, along with a choice of main entree. From Vegetable Strudels to Cornish Game Hen with Cranberry Pumpkin relish. Family-style vegetables and special Chef Accompaniments such as potato pancakes and spaetzle. scintillate the palate. $49 PP.

    Adirondack Discovery Dinner

    A 5-course culinary journey through Adirondack time. A sampling of pioneer recipes and foods, the Cure Cottage days, today's farm-to-fork Adirondack style and tomorrow's Super foods. Each meal is "interpreted" with recipes, how to's, history and trivia. It is a fun "edu-heritage-culinary journey!" $75 PP

    3. The Fun (Optional)

    History of Beer Workshop & Tasting (30 Minute Adventure) $20 PP

    Cooking Demo (Seasonal topics available) $20 PP

    Cooking Class (Seasonal topics available) $50 PP

    Do you have a topic? here are some of our staples:

    Cooking Well, Affordably & Easy – Oh, did we mention simply delicious?

    – Intro to Wellness Cooking

    – Cooking for a Group – fun, well and organized!

    – Sauces & Sautees

    – The World of Herbs & Spices

    – Culturing & Fermenting

    Philosopher Pub Activities (30 Minutes in the Fireside Rathskeller) $10 PP

    – Adirondack Philosopher's Camp: What was it, what happened and legacies for today.

    – Something for a Buisness Night Out - Family-run Business Follies: Business and life lessons learned from the 3 generations of Hohmeyer families. For the groups of friends in business, this is a fun anecdotal evening where you can laugh and potentially learn a few things wile having a good food and "spirits" Oh yes, Ernest is a 30 year certified community and business development professional.

    – The Adirondack Park: A perspective from a national and state awarded community development professional. Where did we come from, where are we today and where might we be going? A great way to get an overview of Adirondack life, its people and economy.

    – Pick your own: Bring in your own topic and "speaker." Pre-approval required.

    4. Contact Information

    *This reserveration is not guaranteed until you recieve a confirmation from the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat, by phone or email.

    **A 50% deposit will be required upon confirmation.

    Rates & Availability