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    Adirondack Speakeasy Holiday Dining

    December 22nd - January 1st

    Shh...we may be raided!

    Adirondack Cuisine

    It may not be what you think – and this would spark quite the interesting conversation depending on who you talked to. Yes, our ancient roots stem from the Native Americans and the hunter and trapper but our pioneering traditions are also infused with the great camps of the wealthy and those that came for the cure.

    Thus, a history of Adirondack cuisine is a culinary journey of native populations, the early pioneers – many of them immigrants, the cure cottage era and the early grand hotels. Food was a combination of that pioneer palate of game and farm food but also elegant dishes imported from distant places for the "great camp dining extravaganzas" as well as the special diets that made up what Cathy calls "cure cottage cuisine." Over time this has evolved into today's farm-to-fork palate.

    A Dinner Reservation "Pass" Gets You

    • The Secret Password to get in through the "hidden door."
    • Access to the Speakeasy Fireside Rathskeller
    • Opportunity to purchase "spirits" from the Speakeasy Bar, USA TODAY featured hand-crafted hidden beer cellar with the Adirondack largest selection of craft import beers.
    • Protection from a 1920’s Cop'er should we be raided with our special hand-crafted "hidden" tables. You’ll need to get involved. Each "patron" to their own!

    Intimate and fun for the romatnic, friends and families. Seating limited. Please call ahead.

    2 Culinary Options

    1. Adirondack Great Lodge Holiday Dinner with a Speakeasy Theme

    Fun for the romantic to families. Step-back in time to one of the last orginal Adirondack Great lodges open to the public. You'll need a password to get in! Quietly meander to our Fireside Speakeasy with hidden tables (you never know when we'll be raided), where the evening's menu will be explained to you. Fun non-alcholic Roaring 20's drinks for the tea toadler and kids (did you know the Darth Vader special soda came from the 20s – or at least our version?), as well as (cough, cough) "medicinal Prohibition spirits". Sample a period appetizer or one our Adirondack Alps specialties in front of the immense fireplace. Then meander upstairs to our 1886 hand-hewn dining room where your table is yours for the evening. It's a scrumptious piece of Adirondacka that's hard to find.

    Adirondack Great Lodge Adirondack Alps Dinner: 5:00 to 6:00PM arrival times. Our regular Winterfest seasonal menu is available.

    2. Special New Year's Eve Adirondack Speakeasy Tasting Dinner Event: 7:00PM

    Tasting dinner, cooking demos, interpretive exhibits, fun fireside Adirondack Prohibition trivia & history, period spirits (non-alcoholic of course – Okay, there may be some other "medicinal" choices) and oh yes, be prepared, we may be raided by a 1920's Cop'er!

    *Menu is for sample purposes only. Dishes subject to change with season and the fresh local ingredients available.

    Special Adirondack
    Heritage Activities

    4:00PM: Heritage Cooking Demo

    Cathy's family originally built the Lodge in 1886 as a stage-coach inn, post-office and trading post. We have combined this heritage with Ernest's Old World family who bought the Lodge nearly 50 years ago. Learn how to make a Lodge classic strudel with Chef Cathy and staff that you can eat for dessert, all in 30 minutes or less!
    $15 per person.

    4:30PM: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

    A 30 minute workshop that takes you through the History of Beer! While you learn sample 5 different craft import brews from around the world. Travel through time through the 3 revolutions of beer. Did you know, in the 1800's the Adirondacks were the largest hop growing region in the U.S.?
    $20 per person.

    Check out our Great Camp Dining Experience!