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    Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides at the Lake Clear Lodge

    Lantern-lit Trail Sleigh Rides

    Group Sleigh Ride*

    Enjoy a lantern-lit sleigh ride through Adirondack woods! Group rides are 30 minutes long, with a maximum of 8 people per sleigh.

    • $35 Per Adult
    • $10 for Children 10 and under
    1886 Rathskeller

    Sleigh Ride & Great Camp Dinner

    Experience a Lantern-lit Sleigh Ride from the PSC Draft Horse Club, then explore one of the last original Adirondack Lodges with a 3-course Great Camp Dinner.

    • $85 Per Person
    Private Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides

    Private Sleigh Ride*

    Looking for your own romantic sleigh ride? Book a private ride for two and enjoy the jingling bells and serene Adirondack woods. (Great for proposals!) These romantic rides are 45 minutes long.

    • Private Sleigh Ride for Two: $250

    Sleigh Ride Schedule*

    Sleigh rides run from 6:00PM - 8:00PM. Reservations required.

    *Sleigh ride dates, times and prices are subject to change. Check back for added dates and always confirm your ride if traveling a distance as weather patterns vary. We will always attempt to notify guests if the ride is cancelled for any reason but it is your responsibility to confirm prior to arrival. A credit card deposit is required as each sleigh is reserved for a limited number of people.