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    Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    The only lantern-lit sleigh rides in the Adirondacks! Meander over nature trails and to the shores of serene Lake Clear, lit by real kerosene lanterns.

    Lantern-lit Trail Sleigh Rides

    Group Sleigh Ride*

    Enjoy a lantern-lit sleigh ride from Brunet's Farm through our Adirondack woods! Group experiences are approximately 30 minutes long.


    • Adults: $39
    • Children (5 - 10): $15
    • Children (4 & under): $5
    1886 Rathskeller

    Sleigh Ride & Great Lodge Speakeasy Dinner

    Experience a Lantern-lit Sleigh Ride, then explore one of the last original Adirondack Lodges with a 3-course Speakeasy Dinner. You'll need a password to get in, and we might even be raided by a 1920s Copper!

      Reserve & Receive

    • Discounted Lantern-lit Sleigh Ride Ticket
    • Password to enter the Speakeasy
    • 3-course Speakeasy Great Lodge Dinner
    • Adults: $84 | Childen: $35
    Private Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides

    Private Sleigh Ride*

    Looking for your own romantic sleigh ride? Book a private ride for two and enjoy the jingling bells and serene Adirondack woods (great for proposals!).


    • Private Sleigh Ride for Two: $280

    Step back in time to when the Lake Clear Lodge operated in the Prohibition days where they not only transported people via sleigh, but also the "spirits" of the woods!

    After your sleigh ride explore the 1886 Main Lodge with a Speakeasy Dinner. Beware - we may be raided by a 1920s Copper! You'll need a password to get in, so be sure to reserve your experience!

    Add on to the Fun!

    Sleigh rides will be provided by Brunet's Farm with Brabant and Percheron Draft Horses, Jack and Jerry!

    Online Booking

    * Sleigh ride dates, times and prices are subject to change. Sleigh rides are provided by Brunet's Farm and are not affiliated with the Lake Clear Lodge. Check back for added dates and always confirm your ride if traveling a distance as weather patterns vary. We will always attempt to notify guests if the ride is cancelled for any reason but it is your responsibility to confirm prior to arrival. A credit card deposit is required as each sleigh is reserved for a limited number of people.

    ** If you have a dinner reservation: The Lake Clear Lodge is a limited seating, no turnover restaurant. Chef Cathy is cooking for you, and the Lodge Staff is preparing your table for you and your party. If the sleigh ride folks need to cancel for reasons other than extreme weather, we will still be expecting you for dinner. PLEASE NOTE: Incidentals and extras such as, but not limited to, drinks, appetizers, desserts, and workshops, are not included.