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    Immerse in an Adirondack Lake Nature-based Wedding!

    Do you hear the ripples of Adirondack water creating a symphony for your special ceremony?

    Do you see their natural cascading confetti as you gaze out to a setting sun on a serene mountain range which frames a natural arbor?

    The 1886 Hand-hewn Lodge Dining Room

    Diverse Settings of Great Camp Style Reception and Ceremony Spaces...

    The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat offers full nature-based destination amenities in an original hand-crafted artisan style.

    • – Our Lakeview Retreat Center with vaulted Great Camp-style ceiling, immense fireplace, stone patio and beautiful mountain lake view, accommodates 100 guests and overlooks secluded Lake Clear with 21st century amenities including an integrated audio and visual system.
    • – The heart and soul of our culinary based experience: our 50 seat Adirondack Alps Restaurant in the 1886 hand-hewn dining room that can accommodate your group needs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • – A truly unique reception room is our Fireside Rathskeller with a large stone fireplace that houses the Adirondacks only hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar featured in USA TODAY.
    • Lake-side Tents on simply one of the most spectacular and secluded bodies of water that serves as the portal to New York State's only wilderness canoe region are typically part of our nature based experiences and can also be used for larger events.

    Personal Touches to Your Special Event...

    You are only limited to your imagination in terms of adding special touches. You are truly in the epicenter of Adirondack Park activities ranging from cosmopolitan to rustic, from indoor fun to outdoor imagination – you truly can do it all. Here are just a few examples:

    • – Group Fun Cooking Classes
    • – Wine & Beer Tastings
    • – Interactive & Fun Adirondack Educational Programs
    • – Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
    • – Wild Center Nature Museum

    Mountain-lake Nature-based Wedding Packages...

    The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat offers three (3) Adirondack Discovery wedding packages – all which may be personalized. We have performed simple intimate natural weddings to beautiful Adirondack Great Camp style experiences. The common theme of all of these experiences is our natural setting and foods, the personalization of 3 generations of family and the authenticity of one of the last Adirondack Great lodges open to the public.

    Rustic Simplicity Package The Classic Experience The Great Camp Wedding
    *All rates do not include tax, gratuity and incidentals such as bar, tents, etc. and are subject to change without notice.
    Our Lake View Sunset Great Camp

    Adirondack Rustic Simplicity

    Adirondack Rustic Simplicity offers you the taste of the Great Woods experience that is an elegant but simple wedding experience and the most value conscious.


    • Generally held in one location, usually the Lake-view Retreat Center.
    • The menu is streamlined and served buffet style within the Lodge culinary philosophy.
    • A typical weekend destination wedding begins with a Friday night informal Philosopher's Pub menu with cash bar paid by your guests.
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner costs on non-wedding days as well as lodgings are typically the responsibility of guests.

    Wedding day events usually have a cash wine & craft beer bar. A sampling of the culinary presentation may consist of 1-2 Adirondack Alps appetizer samplers such as Adirondack Artisanal cheeses. In the Rustic Simplicity package you have 1-2 options of main entrées such as Adirondack garden vegetable strudels and chicken schnitzel. Dinner includes seasonal salad, vegetables and hand-crafted desserts. Please see our culinary menus on our header.


    A 3 Day Rustic Simplicity
    Destination Package Includes:

    • 1 Venue for the Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony & Sunday Brunch
    • Wedding Costs for Your Special Day
    • Bar is cash with craft beer and wine

    In this 3-day destination wedding scenario, investments start at approximately $100 - $120 per guest. Group lodging rates that require minimum participation generally average between $79PP in the off-season to $119PP double/quad occupancy in peak season. All rates do not include taxes, gratuity and incidentals such as bar, tents, etc.

    The Classic Experience

    A Lodge staple for nearly 50 years, you can savor a taste of our Adirondack experience.

    Typical Events:

    • Held in 2 facilities. For example, you begin with a mountain-lake sunset ceremony on our secluded beach that is performed in a natrual setting with no special set-up. In the winter, this could be in the Fireside Rathskeller or the Lake View Retreat Center.
    • Immediately following the ceremony, a reception is held with served h'ordeuvres and a craft beer and wine bar typically set-up in the Lake View Retreat Center or the Fireside Rathskeller.
    • Dinner typically follows in the Lake View Retreat Center or the Fireside Rathskeller.
    • The menu is more expansive with a blend of 100 Mile focused foods. A sampling of our culinary fare in this package may include appetizer samplers for the reception such as Adirondack Trout Poppers and Adirondack Alps Wursts. Dinner fare includes a seasonal salad and choice of Adirondack "100 Mile" foods focused with an Old World essence such as Adirondack Hunter's stroganoff, Old World roast and wild caught fresh fish. Delectable desserts are also included.

    In the Classic Experience, to give more of a destination feel and group camaraderie experience, the wedding party hosts more activities. These may includes:

    • Craft Beer & Wine, departure day brunch or other festivities such as the rehearsal dinner.
    • Arrival night pub activities and lodgings are typically the responsibility of guests.

    A 3 Day Classic Destination Wedding Includes:

    • 2 Venues, typically our Lake View Retreat Center and our mountain-lake sunset beach or Fireside Rathskellar.
    • Wedding Costs for Your Special Day
    • Post-ceremony reception with served h'ordeuvres, craft beer & wine bar and our Great Camp Dinner.
    • Sunday Breakfast

    In our 3-day Classic Destination Weddings, wedding party investments start at approximately $130 - $165 per guest. Group lodging rates that require minimum participation are again available. All rates do not include, tax, gratuity and incidentals such as bar, tents etc.

    A Special Adirondack Mountain Lake Sunset

    The Adirondack Great Camp Wedding

    In the Adirondack Great Camp style experience, you can relive the elegance and vastness of the Adirondacks and combine it with the personalization of the Great Woods experience.

    This is our favorite style of wedding where we partner with you to "build your own special event" within our Great Camp philosophy. Here, our entire 25-acre facilities can be yours to exclusively explore. You can begin with a Lake-side or Fireside Rathskeller ceremony. Immediately following is a full-service reception either down at the waterfront with spectacular mountain-lake sunsets or in the Fireside Rathskeller. Guests then meander to the Lake-view Retreat Center for a formal dinner.

    This is a destination Adirondack Discovery wedding. Water, nature, a historic lodge and an amazing Adirondack culinary heritage journey comes together. Our ability to cull from 4 generations of family, 130 years of the Lodge and 25 acres enables us to create a unique Adirondack destination experience. Throughout the weekend, sample foods from Adirondack Native Americans, the Old World pioneers, the Cure Cottage days and the Grand Hotel era which are the roots of our unique Adirondack farm-to-fork experience.


    A 3-Day Great Camp Wedding Experience:

    The Great Camp experience is an all-inclusive Adirondack destination wedding. Think of it as an Adirondack cruise ship experience!

    In this 3-day all inclusive Great Camp wedding destination are intimate affairs typically limited to 50 guests.

    In this inclusive experience investments include food, lodging, facilities, special activities and start from approximately $349 - $429 per guest. All rates do not include, tax, gratuity and incidentals such as bar, etc.

    Our Artisan Lodgings...

    We offer three styles of accommodations:

    • Four Supp & Snooze Rooms each with differing motifs and all with individual baths in our 1886 heritage Main Lodge.
    • Five Individual Hand-crafted Chalets designed to be spaciously set apart throughout our 25 acres are largely built from milled wood from our property. Chalets have fireplaces with miniature Adirondack Great Camp feel.
    • Six Lakeside Suites with fireplaces, sitting decks and incredible lake views. Built back from the shore to protect our lakefront where you will definitely hear the calls of the loons and may see our resident bald eagle, ice fishermen or cross-country skiers on the lake.