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Adirondack Great Woods Retreat Experiences

To make your retreat a memorable one, the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat offers three (3) Adirondack Great Camp style Experiences. You may choose one, do a hybrid of all three, or we would be more than pleased to work with you to personalize your experience - which is what we truly enjoy doing.

You can also browse our Enhancements to Your Special Event by experiencing our Seasonal Activities

Our Rustic Simplicity Group Experience is a value package where you choose one facility for your special event and a basic meal plan. Our Classic Experience offers the use of several retreat facilities to diversify your event or to provide break-out spaces and includes our renowned classic cuisine of our unique fusion of Adirondack flavors with Old World tastes. In our Great Camp Experience, our entire 25-acre estate is reserved for your use with a 100 Mile culinary tasting menu that focuses on local Adirondack products with Old World natural essences.

See our feature on Samplers of Special Events including group menus and personalized enhancements.

Adirondack Rustic Simplicity

Here we immerse you in the taste of the Great Woods experience that is simple and budget conscious. In this experience, we work with you to choose one location on the estate for your special event. The remaining portions of the property remain open to the public. For example, you can choose to have your entire event in our new Lake-view Retreat Center, the 1886 main Lodge or at our lake property.

The culinary presentation consists of Adirondack Alps appetizer samplers such as sachetinni with prosciutto, Adirondack Artisanal cheeses and Old World smoked beer, wurst samplers; choice of main entrée such as Adirondack garden vegetable strudels, fresh fish and Old World stews and sautés with seasonal salad, vegetables and hand-crafted desserts. All other incidentals such as bar and venues are ala carte. Rustic Simplicity experiences are approximately $75 - $100PP. As lodgings in this experience are typically the care of individual guests, they are not included.

Hohmeyer Family

Classic Experience

For nearly 50 years, our Classic Special Event Experience has been the staple of our Retreat. You can choose up to 2 (two) venues to host different parts of your special event and you can indulge yourself in our classic Adirondack Alps cuisine that includes Adirondack local products such as grass-fed beef combined with classic options.

As an example in our Classic experience, you may have an immersion at our sunset lake-side and have your reception in the Lake-view Retreat Center. The fare options include appetizer samplers of Adirondack and classic delectable's such as grass-fed corn husks and salmon potato pancakes delivered at either venue. Main entrée fare is a complete 3-course delight with our famous hand-stocked soup, seasonal salad and choice of Adirondack and Old World options such as hunter's stroganoff, Old World roasts and wild caught fresh fish. Delectable desserts are also included. Again, incidentals such as bar, accommodations, venues, are ala carte. A Classic Experience is approximately $100 - $150PP.

Adirondack Great Camp Style Experience.

In the Adirondack Great Camp style experience, you can relive the elegance of the St. Regis Wilderness and personalization of the Great Woods experience. Our entire 25-acre estate is open to you enhanced with a 100 Mile Adirondack with Old World flair 5-course tasting menu. Here, you can also explore Adirondack nature and the hand-crafted charm and uniqueness of our diverse and yet as one guest described it, "harmonized amenities". You can begin with a reception in the Fireplace Rathskeller, have a tasting dinner in the 1886 hand-hewn dining room and revel in the new hand-crafted Lake-view Retreat Center.

And the culinary immersion is what we are all about symbolized by our National Geographic Traveler award for "sense of place". Enjoy scrumptious appetizer samplers of special 100 mile Adirondack samplers topped off by a tasting dinner from local farms that are flavored with Old World herbs, spices and sauces. Smoked game dishes, vegetarian pastries, stone-ground spatzel, and slow cooked roasts, are just but a few samplers you can choose from Chef Cathy Hohmeyer's blossoming whole foods repertoire as she concludes her doctorate in Naturopathy. Conclude the evening with samplers of the best of Adirondack desserts such as mountain berry pie, Adirondack-made wine flavored ice cream parfaits and Old World favorites such as marzipan cake and strudels.

A group Wine & Beer Workshop & Tasting is also included from the Adirondacks only hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar with over 250 specialty beers and 350 boutique wines. Go beyond traditional tasting rooms to take-in Adirondack Great Camp style tasting buildings. Or, enjoy samplers directly with nature in our outdoor lakefront and garden portals. An Adirondack Great style experience is approximately $150 - $250PP not incl. facility charges, lodgings, personalized set-up requirements, taxes and gratuities.

Hohmeyer Family

Enhancements to Your Special Event

You are only limited to your imagination in terms of adding special touches. You are truly in the epicenter of Adirondack Park activities ranging from cosmopolitan to rustic, from indoor fun to outdoor imagination - you truly can do it all. Here are just a few examples:

On Property Immersions

• Group fun Cooking Classes• Wine & Bier Tastings
•Interactive & Fun Adirondack Educational programs• Events with Adirondack Artisans
•Horse drawn Sleigh Rides• Music
•X-country ski, hike, canoe, kayak, swim• Fireplace contemplation
•Therapeutic massage

Off-site Experiences (within 25 minutes)

• Wild Center Nature Museum• Olympic Venues
• Paul Smith College Visitor Interpretive Center• 4 Season Outdoor activities
• Historic sites• Theater
• Music• Shopping
• Contemplative meanderings• Adirondack scenic flights

Samplers of Special Events

Great Woods Wedding Experiences

The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat offers diverse Great Woods Wedding Experiences - all which may be personalized. We have performed simple intimate weddings to beautiful Adirondack Great Camp style experiences that have utilized our entire 25-acre property including on-the-lake sunset wedding ceremonies, a reception with music in the lake-view Retreat Center, dinner in the 1886 hand-hued dining room and after-hours in the Fireplace Rathskeller with the Adirondack's only hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar.

Retreat Experiences

Artisan-style Hand-crafted Lodgings:

Accommodations in our handcrafted lodgings that would be a mixture of our 3 styles of accommodations based on double occupancy.

Sample Culinary Venues

Meeting Room Venues:

Your choice of:

Sample Special Event Package
AmenitiesRustic SimplicityClassicGreat Camp
FacilityChoose 1Choose 2Multiple Venues
BreakfastContinental FullChoose from 2 daily specialsLocal eggs, seasonal Adk offeringss
LunchBox LunchChoose from 2 daily SpecialsSeasonal specials Specialty homemade desserts
BreaksNot includedBeverages/PastriesSpecialty coffees/teas Fruits, hand-crafted Finger foods
AppetizersVeggie Platter, Sachetinni pocketsRustic plus choose from Lodge Wursts, Salmon potato pancakesChoose from Classic and Adk Game wursts, grass-fed beef corn husks, artisanal cheeses, trout poppers
Main Fare
(Sample offerings Seasonal & group size dependent)
Choose 2 Lodge Garden Strudel, Chicken schnitzel, Stews/SautésChoose 4 Rustic plus Old World roasts, fresh Adk style fishTasting Dinner Classic plus Adk grass-fed stroganoffs, wild caught fish, smoked game, Great Woods pastries
Lodge Famous
Hand-crafted Soups
Not Incl.IncludedIncluded
SaladsChefs SelectionsChoose from Lodge classic cucumber or mixed greensChoose from local greens, grains, and Old World favorites when available.
DessertsChef selections of Parfaits, Black Forest Brownie, cakesChoose from Lodge Strudels, Blueberry pudding cake with hot brandy sauce, marzipan cakePersonalized desserts, Chocolate Canoes, Classic desserts with chocolate cup filled with brandy. Chocolate fountain
FlowersNot personalizedMatching flowers in reception venuePersonalized arrangements, extra arrangements in all appropriate venues
EntertainmentLodge CD music or bring your own CDDJ or Solo artistCustomized
PhotographyNADisposable cameras, or photographer for reception onlyRoving photographer with DVD slide show
Justice / PastorSpecial ceremonies canbe arranged by Lodgestaff
AccommodationsDouble occupancy, Seasonal datesDouble occupancy, All seasonsAll accommodations available all seasons, single or double occupancy as requested
Typical Venue Cost (1/2 day/full day/evening)1 Facility $250//450//4002 Facilities $500//900//800Dependent Upon # of Facilities Requested
Typical Cost
Per Person*
Rustic SimplicityClassicGreat Camp
Retreat$50-75$100-125$150 and up
Meals (all per day)
Accommodations - based on size of the group (per night)$75-100$100-$150$150-$250

Sample Enhancements to Your Special Event

These are samples of memorable add-on that individuals or the whole group may participate in:

These immersions would be customized to compliment the goals of your special event.

Hohmeyer Family

Samples of Early Arrivals or Late Departure Adirondack Great Woods Activities

A diverse range of Great Woods activities both outdoors and in are available to you. These may include:

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